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Trading in Danger - Elizabeth Moon Actually, as science fiction goes, this was a really enjoyable story. I opened it. . .only meaning to see if I wanted it to be my next book or not. . .and fell in. First few pages had me caught and I didn't stop until I had finished it.

The story dives right in, and while there is a lot of 'boring days' passing on, the author manages to make the business descriptions and passage of time interesting. You KNOW things aren't going to be easy - and when they finally start complicating, the pace picks up fast.

This is a science fiction, and therefore doesn't take place on earth or the 'known area', but doesn't bog you down in history or scientific explanations, either. You basically dive right in, and learn of the setting as you need to know.

I did find the lack of explanation a little confusing at first. The different worlds were easy enough, but Ky's 'planet of origin' was not clear until the last few books. The name of the place did not seem like an actual name of a city, much less a planet. And its only later that one starts to figure it must be a planet. The other worlds were somewhat less confusing since she actually travels to them, but no huge explanation of any place is given either. Brief descriptions of clothing styles, and an amusing scene involving a local taboo is about the extent of it.

All in all, I can't wait to get to the next book.

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