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The Measure of a Lady - Deeanne Gist This is the fifth book of Deeanne Gist's I've read and I think its probably my least favourite so far.

I find Rachel, the main character a little stuck up. On the other hand, she is 'nice', and even while she's stuck up, she is seeking to understand what she is doing so wrong. She's not 'stubbornly doing her own thing', she just 'doesn't get it.

Her sister seems really. . .trampy right from the start, and I don't see how a properly raised young girl from that time would so deliberately step into a life like she chose. From what I understand, most of the 'working women' got into it less deliberately then got trapped. I really wanted to smack her. Right from the start Lissa seemed like a lazy, spoiled little brat.

Her brother also was in want of a slap upside the head. He seemed more interested in taking off and doing his own thing than helping his family stay together. Then again, maybe that is inherently normal for 14 year old boys.

All in all - the story itself was good, and resolved well. But I found it frustrating to read. From Rachel's stubborn outlook about the other women in town (though historic, I think), to the fact that EVERYONE who was *SUPPOSED to love her just abandoned her. They didn't agree with her so they just dumped her?? What happened to family and sticking together in a tough time? And the guy who supposedly loved her, didn't bother coming around to help her sort it out. What?? I understand he didn't agree with her - but you can still stay around and show you care for the person.

I don't know. All in all I found this one frustrating and not entertaining. I hope the next one is better!

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