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This Dark Endeavor - Kenneth Oppel This book was a bit of a balancing act with me. I am not sure what I expected, starting it. I have never read Mary Shelley's original novel (and knowing it has a tragic ending, I probably never will!), though I am aware of the gist of the story. (Who's not??)I do, however LOVE LOVE Oppel's "Airborn" series so picked this up fully expecting to love it as well.

Well, all in all, I DID like like it. It had great pacing, lots of adventure (some of its a little cliche, but it was interesting to read so I'm not complaining. Cliche doesn't mean bad!), and I loved the overall 'gothic' atmosphere. It was enough to be a bit broody and gripping but not enough to be 'dark' or 'depressing'.

The only problems I had was the whole sense of 'something bad is going to happen' that sort of seemed to loom over Victor. Maybe it does, eventually - in the classic novel? But yeah, Victor sort of seems set up to doom - mostly by his own attitudes and choices, granted. Though he was doing a more or less heroic thing trying to save his brother.

I also HATED HATED the fact that the cat was killed. And in such a horrible fashion too. I LIKED the cat. Probably more than any of the people characters. )(Ok, I did like Elizabeth too - and Konrad seemed nice, though he's sort of out of the book most of the time. But that cat. . .I loved it!!) I sort of get why it had to go - but surely that scene could have ended better??

Other than those two points I rather quite enjoyed the book. It did leave me feeling a little...indignant at the ending. But I believe this is only book one, so a sequel might help wrap things up a trifle. Or at least not leave us feeling quite so much up in the air. (or maybe I really do need to read the original classic? . . .nah! Think Ill find a spoiler for that instead.)

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