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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins Really did not care for this one.

Katniss seemed more like a sulky, spoiled brat than the strong, resourceful heroine of book one. She spends most of her time skulking around sulking or being told what to do by other people than actually DOING anything for herself. And the few times she does do something for herself, people are killed or she ends up in the hospital - again.

One can understand that this is war, and people are fighting for freedom from a sick situation. But I found when the author started killing people it was too much for nothing. Killing off most of the team was no particular problem. We never got to know them. Killing Finnick? There was no real point to that. A few people survived, he could have too. Prim's death was pointless. It was done so quickly and out of the blue, it lacked any real impact. . .and then, once again, Katniss fades to black and finds herself in the hospital. If it was supposed to have an impact, we did not get to know Prim enough - but it seemed pointless to kill the girl Kat worked so hard to keep alive to start with. I actually felt more for the cat in the end than I did for the death of Prim. Poor kitty missed his mistress.

I also found Katniss' 'romances' more irritating than anything. I had no preferences for who she ended up with, but the fact that she kept jerking them around, and in the end didn't even choose. . .she only ended up with Peeta because he didn't fade off into the background.

All in all? I have read better war stories, and had more satisfying conclusions. I can only hope the movie handles this book better than the author did.

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