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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Well, I can't say I really *LIKED* this book. The concept is really quite dark, though not terribly 'new'. (Definitely sick, mind you. THough I suppose no worse than 'The City of Ember', in its dark concepts.) I also 'guessed' at the basic plot just going by the title. I've heard the title around, and had this general idea of the semi-futuristic setting and the weird game for survival type thing. Odd how close I got.

However, new concept or not, this book was well written, and engrossing. While a rather grim tale, it was HARD to put down, and harder to shake the 'atmosphere' off after you did put it down. You get to like the characters (the main ones, anyway. . .the rest of the world seems a bit mad, but ok!), and find yourself rooting for them even though they are in a pretty nasty situation.

I also found I liked the fact that while the tale is quite violent, none of the violence was hugely described. You get enough to know whats happening, but we don't hear about things graphically.

All in all, a good book, and well done.

Thank GOD its complete fiction, though!!!

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