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Stargate Atlantis: The Chosen - Sonny Whitelaw, Elizabeth Christensen I actually fairly enjoyed this one. Quite a bit of action and while I didn't care for so much tension between the team members. . .it was sort of inevitable. Also, while things were tense, it never felt like they were going to 'split up'. More like they were just annoyed at each other, and stressed by the situation.

The plot is not a 'funny' or 'feel good' plot. Its a bit heavy-handed on the political/religious theme, and yet I could see it. Its surprising they don't hit more situations like this.

The big thing I did not care for, is the whole 'its our fault' theme that ran so long with the team. THey kept blaming themselves, despite evidence they just had bad timing, right through the end. Yet, as the reader, I did not see any way that it was 'their fault'. They might have made it a little worse than it might have been just by bringing something new into the mix. . .but they did not know, and couldn't know when people were not being straight with them. And in the end they did a LOT to help the people of Dalera. For all they were thanked.

I did find Rodney excessively arrogant in this one. . .but at the same time he's shown flare ups of it in the shows too, and he did eat a bit of humble pie through the whole thing so he wasn't terrible about it either.

So, yeah, a bit heavy handed, but all in all an interesting story and a good addition to the SGA pile.

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