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Winter's Awakening - Shelley Shepard Gray I really don't enjoy Amish-themed novels much. However I did actually enjoy this book. It does not push the Amish religion/beliefs much, nor even shove their 'simplistic' lifestyle on the reader. While things from both lifestyles are mentioned, of course, the story focuses more on the people, the similarities of dilemmas faced by both lifestyles and in general, how people deal with their relationships, decisions, etc.

It was a simple read. Nothing particularly convoluted or involved. It took me nearly half the book to settle in with the author's style of writing, but when I did I found I quite enjoyed the read, and enjoyed the characters.

All in all a very good series to curl up with for a cold evening's read. (Best read in front of a fire, with a cat in your lap and a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of fresh-baked cookies. :D)

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