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Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow - Jessica Day George Found this one a bit odd due to the fact that nearly the entire book the main character is merely referred to as 'the lass', and her name is only revealed near the very end.

All in all, I quite liked this version. The main character was strong, stubborn and fairly believable, and I liked how she had a companion that stayed with her the entire story. The character of Rollo was quite lovable too and made a nice addition to the story.

The only thing that bugged me was that it was a very similar version to "East" by Edith Pattou. Close enough that at times I was confused if I had already read this book. (Although, if I recall, East had a lot of weaving in it, and this book did not, and had Rollo instead) All in all I did prefer this version to 'East', however. The character seemed a bit deeper, and more likable.

Nicely done all in all.

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