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Princess of Glass - Jessica Day George This one was an interesting 'sequel' to "The Princess of the Midnight Ball". A 'retelling' (sort of) of Cinderella this time, it picks up on one of the 12 princesses from the first book.

This one tells of Poppy, sent to another country as an 'exchange' program of sorts. Much of it is about how she won't dance. Or about the prince.

While you don't get to know the characters all that *well*, I did like that when they meet, there is a hint that a fair bit of time goes by where they are able to get to know each other before the whole 'love' thing is sprung.

The story is a little odd, but quite interesting as 'Cinderella' is not the main character, and not a particularly likable character for much of the story. But in the end all works out well, and while its not exactly a 'happily ever after', its close enough, with good reasons given.

Another book where knitting features fairly prominently, to my delight. :D

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