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Princess of the Midnight Ball - Jessica Day George I actually really enjoyed this one. I like fairy-tale retellings, where the author has taken the time to expand the story, and fill out otherwise flat characters. But this one shoots to the top of my list of favourite retellings.

The characters are interesting, and likable, and the story keeps an interesting pace to keep the reader hooked. I had trouble with the ending, merely because I couldn't get the pages to turn fast enough. But all wrapped up satisfactorily and loose threads were tied off.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was all the knitting references, and the fact that it was the *HERO* that did the knitting. While i am familiar with the concept of men knitting (One only needs to visit Ravelry.com to see how many there are), it was interesting to see a book hero actually doing it, and enjoying it.

It was also a bonus to have the knitting patterns at the end of the book. :) While I doubt I'll ever make them, it is nice to have the temptation!

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