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The Swan Maiden - Heather Tomlinson Quite enjoyed this one. It smacked of some of the old fairy tales, though I could not pinpoint which one, but it put some life into them that the old ones never had. A little odd in some parts, and I still wonder how the relationship between the two main characters grew to love when they spent so very little time together.

I did find myself annoyed at the main character for some of her actions, particularly later on - and some early on, though I did not mind so much near the beginning, as she had to 'grow up' a little anyway. But towards the end one wanted to smack her for being such a dolt.

There were some 'issues' with the story, places that could have been built up, filled in and more character work that could have been worked on, but it was still an enjoyable, light read, with a happy ending.

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