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A Faraway Island - Annika Thor, Linda Schenck Not quite what I expected when I started this, but still quite interesting. A good look at what some of the children had to deal with during the war when they were evacuated to live with strangers.

This one took it from a different view, in that the children were going to Sweden from Germany, not being sent to the US or Canada from England, etc. This one was about the Jewish children being gotten out before the war.

All in all a good book, although I felt it ended a bit abruptly. Probably explained by the fact there are three more books, but I had to poke around before I realized that. :) Unfortunately this appears to be the only one translated into English.

In a lot of ways the story was very similar to the series by Kit Pearson Guests of War which was about a couple of English children sent to Canada during the war. But the scenario is very similar, as are many of the childrens' reactions.

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