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Nine Lives Last Forever (Cats and Curios Mystery) - Rebecca M. Hale This book was interesting. Again, same as the first one, I LOVED the cats. She handles them really well and you can almost see them. I even loved the chapters where she popped into the cat's perspectives for awhile.

The story was also interesting, the mystery was a bit easier to see this time, and its nice to have a mystery that is not a 'murder mystery for a change.

My gripes? The history-lectures seemed longer and more numerous in this version. After the first one I started to feel like I was slogging through major info-dump and it was getting in the way of the story. Worse when I'd finally make my way out of one, only to find myself thrown into another dump two pages on. I found myself skimming a LOT just to get to the next part of the actual story.

The main character *still* doesn't have a name.

Over all, I am curious to see what happens in the next book. But the sheer amount of info-dumping keeps me from being all that eager to find out what happens.

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