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River Secrets (The Books of Bayern #3) - Shannon Hale I have really enjoyed most of Shannon Hale's books and this one is no exception. Not only do we get to meet up with the more familiar characters we were introduced to in the Goose Girl, but the one that popped up in both Goose and Enna was finally given a bit more attention.

My only real complaint is that Razo seemed a bit younger than he was meant to be. A lot of the time he seemed more like he was 12 or 13 than 17 or 18. Although, having been through a war, you know he had to have been a bit older.

Other than that, I have no real complaints. The story moved along at a nice pace, had me snickering in some places due to a description, or the way something was worded, and each time I was right there in the scene with the characters.

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