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Black Rainbow - Barbara Michaels I really can't say I liked this one much. It just. . .seemed to lack. It started out strong, kept me interested until it changed point of view, but then it sort of lost momentum. The story started to drag.

It also lacked the 'suspense' I was hoping for in this style of novel. The romance was. . .pretty absent. Hinted at, but you don't get to follow it.

I also found the main character (Megan) a bit empty-headed. She wasn't *bad*, just. . .seemed kind of shallow. Particularly after the change in POV. Jane was better but her parts dragged far more.

I found the plot was also stretched over too much time. There was too much 'summary' of things developing over several years, which did not help with the suspense.

The end. . .well, what can I say? It worked. The innocent characters are left to go on. But there was no 'satisfaction' really for the reader. It was not a 'happily ever after', it was not a 'it all works out'. It was more. . .twisted, really.

All in all. . .I did NOT care for this one

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