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Jessie - Lori Wick I usually love the books by this author. But this one I found lacking. The story was ok, but the book failed to evoke any particular interest.

The character of Jessie was not particularly likable. As a reader I like to get some sort of 'connection' with the main character. With Jessie...even when the story was somewhat inside her head, she seemed cold, distant and emotionless for the most part. By the time she was experiencing more emotion, it felt stiff and wooden. I found for most of the book I couldn't care less what happened to her.

I found the way the storyline(s) skipped around was annoying more than entertaining. While the 'secondary' story of Heather and Nate was interesting, it did not really seem to have a place in the main story. (Although, I can understand the author was attempting something new.)And the conversation breaks jumping over to other characters entirely seemed more to break the story than anything.

The book DID end well, although I found the the point where it cut off, then the six year jump to get the 'what happened' via the characters telling a story was strange, and a bit annoying when I would have rather *seen* it. But it was a 'it all ends well' ending.

All in all, this one did not make it to the 'reread' list.

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