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Limits of Power - Elizabeth Moon What can I say, but that I really enjoyed this one? Its sort of like the story is heating up as it goes - each book is better than the last. First book was a bit of a slow starter - second book ramped things up - third book really deepens the mystery. . .fourth book, I hope starts giving us some answers! I found myself 'living' in the world while reading this and coming out of it as I hit the end of the book was a bit of a shock. -sigh-

That said, some parts of the story did seem a little rushed. Some parts of it explained by the flow of time - the characters had more time to do things than the readers did in absorbing it. But things like Arcolin's hunt for a wife seemed like we could see a bit more of it. Its hard to imagine that 'love' could come out of a scenario like that so easily. On the flip side, given the situation, it was sort of an arrangement, as opposed to a romance, and with both parties willing and already 'liking' each other, love could still grow out of it. Its not entirely clear how much time between his marriage and Paks' arrival at the stronghold.

All in all, a wonderful read - lots of mystery building up and I can hardly wait for the next one to come out. Do you think if we shook the author she'd drop the story faster? No? Well, drat. I guess we just have to wait, then. :)

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