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Books I've read, am reading and won't ever touch!
Wake (Watersong, #1) - Amanda Hocking Not the best read I've ever encountered. Personally, I found the story really slow for the first half of the book. Once 'the event' happened, things picked up a little, but by then, it was hard to really *care*.

The characters tended to be a little flat, and I found the writing very. . .amateur. Sort of like reading something on fanfic.net or some similar site. I kept wondering who this author was and why the book had gotten published at all. I was a little surprised to look her up on Goodreads and find she had quite a list under her name.

All in all, the story had potential, but it was not really carried out. The writing was flat, there is absolutely no imagery in the writing and getting a 'feel' for these people never happened. By the time the book ends - on a cliff hangar - I never really cared about any of them.

Hopefully she warms up in later books, but yeah, I doubt I'll bother with the sequels.

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