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David and the Phoenix - Edward Ormondroyd, Joan Rayso Quite enjoyed this one. Read the 'Gutenberg' version on my Ereader. Its a child's book, so a very quick and easy read for an adult. The story is light and rather humourous. The Phoenix is a bit of a dope, but amusingly so. His boastfulness and pride more a cover, without overshadowing the child character. (Although for a creature of 500 years old, he doesn't seem to know much). They get into some amusing adventures and out again.

My only 'real' complaint about the book is the VERY abrupt ending. It hits the climax, then just. . .stops. There is absolutely no wind-down or wrapping things up. You have no idea what happens to the boy - or if he gets into any sort of trouble afterwards. It just. . .cuts off.

Over all, though, apart from the very ending, this was a fun, fanciful read.

Even got a giggle out of me, which is rare. (The banshee wail just got me. The image of everyone being so spooked by the noise is really quite funny.)

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