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Doctor in Petticoats - Mary Connealy All in all I enjoyed this one. It was a light-hearted story (mostly). It was fast paced and action packed, and did not really give the reader a chance to be bored.

I did have a few complaints with it, however.

Given the title, I expected a story about a woman doctor. Instead, she had 'medical training', but was not much more than a nurse and not once was she allowed to practice without the aid of a real doctor - and a man - in the vicinity. Rather disappointing, given the expectations of reading of an actual doctor.

I also found the book a bit 'goofy' through much of it. In some ways the tone just didn't ring quite true. The way the women were so ready to bash and crash and shoot better than any man sort of had me raising an eyebrow at the whole thing. It wasn't *bad*, but it did sort of lend a silly feel to things.

The hero of the story, Alec Buchanan, sort of struck me as a wimp. I mean, he was rather traumatized, but he didn't seem to have any real. . .pride or strength. He seemed a bit too dependant on Beth and without her in the story, he would have just slid into a useless puddle. None of the men seemed particularly strong, when it comes down to it. The father coming closest, but he was still out-gunned by the women who didn't seem to particularly need any help from anyone to look after themselves.

I don't know, it was an interesting read, and I would not mind getting my hands on the second book to find out what happened with the sister who moved away. . .but. . .well, yeah, just seemed kind of a goofy story to me. Not one to be taken seriously.

Nice, light read.

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