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A Secret Identity (Amish Farm Trilogy Series #2)

A Secret Identity - Gayle Roper I actually really enjoyed this one. The character is lovable, and I can rather identify with her early on. (The reclusive writer type who'd rather stay indoors with her characters than 'go find a life' like other people try to push one into).

The whole book is written well, and with enough humour to keep me snickering. It is well expressed and has plenty of interesting ways of putting things. I also enjoy the 'touch' of Amish, without it being smothering - and the questions it brought up about the whole Amish thing.

I did find the ending a little odd. As in the 'culprit/villian' seemed to come out of nowhere, not really giving the reader a chance to 'solve' the mystery. However. . .the characters didn't know either, and it gets revealed to readers and characters simultaneously, so in the end it still works.

All in all, a fun read and very well done.

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