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The Kite Rider

The Kite Rider - Geraldine McCaughrean,  Narrated by Cynthia Bishop,  Read by The Full Cast Family FINALLY settled in with some knitting to listen to the rest of this one.

Over all it was quite an interesting read/listen. The actors did a good job of bringing it to life and the annoying characters were suitably strangle-worthy. The author did a good job of giving the reader a feeling of being back in 13th Century China without overwhelming us with historical details. Details were presented as needed and reasonably paced with the action.

I found the characters a little annoying, however. The main character (the boy) seemed either exceptionally stupid or a very slow learner when it came to making the right choices and dealing with his family, and the adults around him never seemed to explain much or take the time to try to teach him.

Still, it was interesting, and ended quite well, without leaving the reader dangling or wondering what happened.

The concept of the story was quite interesting too. Riding on a kite. . .if a bit odd. But I'll blame the oddness on the practice that caught the author's attention in the first place. :)

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