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A Stranger's Wish (Amish Farm Trilogy Series #1)

A Stranger's Wish - Gayle Roper Actually really enjoyed this one. I don't usually care for these 'Amish life' books - but this one is taken from a 'normal' woman's perspective, living with an Amish family without making the reader choke on the Amish stuff. It shows the main character's story, while letting you meet and get to know some of the Amish people as people with beliefs of their own, just as the main char has her own. Over all I really liked this one and the plot was catchy as well. Never quite saw the resolution of the mystery coming, so it was fun to see how that worked out. The end was not a 'perfect' happy ending, but ended with a real note. . .happy for the main characters, though things did not turn out exactly as they, or the reader, wanted. But happy enough that I didn't regret the book, either. :)

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